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Andover Business Community Association – Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How do I get involved with ABCA?
Join us at a meeting! We meet on the second Thursday of each month at 8AM at Free Christian Church, or on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6PM (check the website for the location or email abcanow@gmail.com).

2.    How do I get on the ABCA email list?
Once you join ABCA and provide us with your email address, you will be put on the email list and begin receiving all ABCA correspondence.

3.    Are you a 501(c)(6) organization?
The answer is YES. We are a tax exempt 501(c)(6) nonprofit association dedicated to helping the small businesses of Andover flourish. All membership dues and other revenue are invested solely, and entirely, in ABCA activities.

4.    What events does ABCA sponsor?
ABCA is the originator and primary sponsor of Andover Day, a celebration of Andover pride held each September. ABCA also holds a Holiday Happenings event in early December, with festive seasonal entertainment and activities, and the annual Boutique Blowout shopping event each March. In addition to these ABCA-run events, we are involved with or co-sponsor numerous other events in Andover, such as Andover Little League’s “Raise the Lights,” Andover Historical Society activities, and Best of the North Shore voting.

5.    How do I get my sale/coupon on the website?
Sales and coupon promotions can be made by ABCA members only. If you are a member, send your special offer to abcanow@gmail.com and it will be posted. If you have questions email Holly Kenyon at hjkenyon@comcast.net.

6.    Is this an all-volunteer organization?
Yes. ABCA has no paid staff. All events are planned and run by the volunteer members of ABCA. All Andover businesses are encouraged to join ABCA and get involved. Your efforts help all Andover businesses, including your own!

7.    How will ABCA benefit me? Why should I join?
ABCA is an easy, inexpensive way to connect with other members of the Andover business community, through regular meetings and event planning activities.  Participation in the ABCA sponsored events –Andover Day, Holiday Happenings, and the Boutique Blowout – also provides tremendous exposure to a large group of customers. ABCA’s mission is to help Andover businesses. That’s all we do!